Jun 6, 2013

How To Get A Payoneer MasterCard Free Of Charge

PAYONEER MASTERCARD Payoneer is an Internet-based financial services business that allows users to transfer money and receive payments through re-loadable prepaid MasterCard debit cards. The company focuses on specific payment solutions, primarily affiliate, mass payments, Local Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), merchant accounts, and payout programs in countries with underdeveloped banking systems.
Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of MasterCard worldwide. The Company is headquartered in New York City with R&D offices in Petah Tikva, Israel. Payoneer has received venture funding from Greylock Partners, Carmel Ventures.
Payoneer pursues a number of markets by providing salary and commission pay-out solutions for industries like affiliate marketing,freelancers. If you care to know, Payoneer is a top competitor for PayPal. Payoneer has an "advantage over PayPal in the micro-payments arena" because "it makes international payments easier by not requiring a bank account for verification nor Country restriction
I have been amazed over the years how too many folks has fallen into the hands of scammers all in the name of providing them with payoneer MasterCard. Now there are several outlets, agents, online bloggers who will ask you to pay money to get the payoneer MasterCard, few times people get it this way. But many who go through one agent or the other have had their account deactivated.
Moreover there ‘re many online partners/agents of payoneer that actually helped people to get this card, many are no more. Most of the times one gets the card and it’s not working.  In this Post am going to teach on how to get the PAYONEER MASTERCARD ALL BY YOURSELF FOR FREE OF CHARGE DIRECT FROM THE COMPANY. You can transfer all your funds from U.S.A into your  Payoneer MasterCard and for those of who have been thinking on how to get your online payment, you can do it with this card.
The card has no country restriction, its useable anywhere in the world.
Please be warned.
Payoneer offers an easy, convenient and cost effective way to get paid. Payments available in minutes No bank account is required Use instores, online or ATMs that accept MasterCard® Live chat, telephone and e-mail support offered in multiple languages.
Receive payments through any of the following services: Get paid with the US Payment Service A US account and routing number linked to your card will allow you to receive US ACH/Direct Deposit transfers from select US corporations, including PayPal, Amazon, Apple and more!
Receive payments from any of our partners Simply sign in to your online account with the partner and select Payoneer as your payment method.
Anyone can load your card With the international prepaid debit card you can receive private loads from anyone worldwide via Visa/MasterCard®.
You can as well use the USA Bank Account that comes with this card to withdraw from your PayPal Account and your Clickbank .
Click this link below it will direct you to Payoneer’s main page, also follow the screenshot below
  • After clicking on the link above, this is exactly the page it will open up for you.
  • Follow the arrow on the screenshot to locate the green sign up button and click on it to begin filling your Payoneer form.
Sign up
After filling the form and successfully submitted it, you will see the message below; 
“Thank you.
We have received your prepaid MasterCard order.
Note: Please add support@payoneer.com to your email address book or white list to ensure
you receive the confirmation from us. Your card will be shipped after it has been approved.
Once approved, the card will be mailed within 2 business days. You will be notified by email once approved. Please note that the local mail service may affect delivery time.
Your cardholder User Name and Cardholder Password, which you setup when you ordered your card, will be important to access your account.
The Payoneer Team 
N.B:The time that it will take for your card to get to your doorstep depends on your country as it will sent via standard delivery but you can contact payoneer to get your card shipped to you via DHL with ideal tracking but you will be charged $60 for that but it is guaranteed that you will get it within 1 week or lesser after the approval of your card. Please make sure you provide a correct address, and filling the right information.


  1. Delivery or sign up fee= no initial payment, or any delivery fee
  2. You must provide any identifiable government ID. E.g. Driver’s licence, International Passport, National ID

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