Jun 6, 2013

How To Add Wikipedia Search Box To Blogger


Google team has done great jobs in this industry i mean in the blogosphere , they are tirelessly working on blogger platform to upgrade more gadgets and enable bloggers work easily with style to increase more readers and generate more traffic. Today we are going to learn how to the add Wikipedia search box inside your blog.

This will make surfing more lively and will make your readers want to come back again. Lets talk about a widget created by blogger Teams. Let me Explain Wikipedia. It is the free encyclopedia site which is used for searches just like Google search engine but this one is use for educational searches. Wikipedia is used to search topics with complete details for every Subject like Physics,Chemistry,biology,English etc. Wikipedia is the second search engine in the world, only second to Google

I recommend this for all educational blogs. School

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Now wikipedia
Search Box

  1. Go to Blogger dashboard >> Layout >> Add a Gadget >>

  2. Click On more

  3. Click + on Wikipedia

  4. Follow The Screenshot below

Please for record’s sake i have already added the widget on my blog that’s why you see the (Already added on the screenshot just look for the + sign and click on it).

Click save and view your Blog to see the new  changes, it will look exactly like the screenshot below
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