May 15, 2013

Before You start Blogging


  Blogging Tips

 In this page we will see some few personal tips on how to build a blog. Blog building like every other business out there in the real world that requirs your time, energy and passion.

Right now, there's a massive hunger for quality blogs.
I know, I know. You've been told by everyone else the Internet is saturated with blogs - about every different subject under the sun - and that no one, nowhere has anything new to say anymore.

Well, That's Complete Crap
Yes, the 'net is saturated with blogs... but most of them are half-assed hobby blogs, whose owners have long ago lost interest and moved on. Or they're sleazy SEO "link farms", designed to fool Google.
The chances are... if you have something interesting to say, there's a crowd of information-hungry people out there who want to hear it. I guarantee it. And if you can provide interesting and insightful content, they'll flock to you.
But... consistently knocking out great content is HARD. That's why so many blogs out there are abandoned. Their owners long ago lost interest and moved onto something else.
Listen. I don't know why you got into blogging.
Maybe you want to build an online business, and you're using blogging to get the word out and attract customers. Or maybe you want to spread the word about your favourite cause, and change the world. Or perhaps you just want to write about your passion, and share your thoughts with likeminded peers.
Whatever your reason for blogging, the world doesn't need another half-assed attempt - from yet another blogger that's lost interest and given up. It needs a quality source of good information. One that's updated regularly and consistently. And that means...

You Have to Stay Motivated
If your blog makes you money, it's easy to be enthusiastic. Even if you're not in it to make a profit.
You can use the money to buy new products and review them for your readers. Or you can go to new places and write all about it. Or you can donate the money to your favourite cause. Or you can use it supplement your income.
Heck, if you're willing to put the work in, you can...

Tell Your Boss to Take a Hike
I'm serious.
But let me tell you something... something no Internet marketing guru will ever tell you.
Making money online is HARD... really hard.
You can do it. But you have to be willing to forget most of the crap everyone else has told you and...

Focus on Just a Few Leverage Points

Building a blog is an interesting experience expecially when new things are being discovered. at the same time it can be very tiring, when you are not getting the right tools, and widgets to work with. Not knowing where and how to place your tools can make blog building frustrating to anyone.

Moreover you need patients, perseverance, constant surfing of other people's blogs in other to get more information and inspiration. Ask questions and all in all don't forget to be original, have mentors learn from them and originate your words.

Blog creation is like every other work offline which requires discipline and time except you are building your blog for personal viewing, by this i mean private blogging.  As for me i build my blogs everyday, learning new things. For me it's like talking to my best friend am still learning, we communicate every morning night and day because i want to have the best of relationship with my friend.

Nevertheless don't forget you computer is your first friend that introduced you to your well beloved blog, so have a constant rapour with the both of them. leaving them for a week will be a breakage with information, they will not communicate with you.

Have the stickability power to stay and love your work. Your blog is your friend.
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