Jun 14, 2013

How To Add Feedburner Headline Animator To Blogger

In This post i will share with us on how to add feedburner headline animator to blog. These is one of the widgets created by feedburner to add so sense of beauty to your blog. It automatically headlines all the posted topics in your blog. It is very simple, just follow the simple process.

  1. Login to your feedbuner account. If you don’t have one, create it now as it’s very important to have a  feedburner account as a blogger http://feedburner.google.com, and select the feed you want to add this widget to.
  2. Go to Publicize on the dash board >>> And click on HEADLINE ANIMATOR ON THE LEFT SIDE BAR.


  • Follow the instruction in the picture below.

Select Blogger,like the example in the picture below.
choose blogger

  • After doing all the settings, click on the save button,
  • Either click the ‘’Next’’ button on the picture above to automatically add it to you blog. OR copy the code, go to LAYOUT and paste it into the ADD A GADGET BOX, 
  • Preview your blog to see the new look.

let me get your comments, if anything is confusing ok.
animator 2
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