Jun 6, 2013

How To Add Revolver Visitor'sTracking Widget To Blogger

Revolver MapTechnology has really improved to especially in the blogosphere to help bloggers find good tools for designing and keeping readers long on your blog. Revolver Maps are real time visitor globes rendered by the Revolver Engine. The Revolver Graphics Engine is a strongly specialized 3D renderer. It's available as a Java version as well as a Flash version. The Revolver Maps Service bases on both implementations.
Now have a closer look: Every visitor leaves an eternal dot on the globe, recent visitor locations are tagged by the labels showing the flag of the country as well as city and state.  As you can see it in my blog right now, this will help you have more feel and impact  of where your blog and knowledge  has gone to.
It adds style to your blog. Let me not keep you waiting.
As the development of the service proceeded several other types of widgets where added. All widgets are free of charge and customizable in size and appearance.

  1. Click the link in this line to get an overview of all widgets in the widget gallery.
  2. When the new page opens choose which one of the Revolver maps suits your style, follow the screenshot below 
3. There are many other widgets in the page to choose from. I use the 3D map.
4. follow the screenshot below. it’s either you leave it on default setting or choose your own dimensional settings, then click apply
  N/B: If the JavaScript version does not display on your blog then check the HTML version. Follow the screenshot below.
revolve code

  • How to insert the code into your blog

  1. Copy the code as shown above either by right clicking and copying it of with the keyboards keys: CTRL + C
  1. Login to your blogger if not already logged in, on the dashboard go to >>>Add 
  2. Widget>>>HTML/JavaScript
    save it

    View your blog to see the changes. Done.

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