May 22, 2013

Tips to Starting Business

When you first start your business you’re bubbling with excitement.  Inevitably problems come up with customers, technology, staff, cash-flow, administration tasks, tax, etc, and it tears away at our passion and motivation.
As a web consultant and teacher I regularly encounter business owners that are feeling lost, overwhelmed and frustrated by the day-to-day running of their business.  The first 5 years of  being in business are the toughest, and most new businesses don’t survive.
If you are motivated and positive you can smash through every business challenge.  You can succeed and make it really BIG and profitable.  Following are 5 easy techniques to super charge your personal levels of motivation:

1:  Specific Goals
Set 3 achievable goals for your business today.  Yes, do it today and you’ll instantly feel clearer, more focussed and motivated.  Below are 5 really easy goal setting steps:
  1. Work out what you want to achieve, it doesn’t have to be a massive leap forward, it just has to be positive progress.
  2. Work out how you are going to achieve these 3 goals.
  3. Write down why achieving these goals would be beneficial for you. 
    (This step builds your motivation)
  4. Track your progress.  (keeps you focussed which is essential for top performance)
  5. Plan an enjoyable reward for yourself when you achieve each of the goals.
    (Always celebrate your wins)

2:  Visualise
Spend some time imagining how fantastic your life will be once you have successfully achieved your goal.

3:  Your Personal Reasons
You are a small business owner for a reason.  What was the main reason you wanted to go into business for yourself?  My personal reason is family… I have 4 children and want a flexible career that allows me to control my destiny and play a major role in raising and loving my family.  I regularly remind myself that I have the perfect business for my family life, this keeps me feeling lucky and appreciating my business.
What's your reason for going into business?

4:  Positive Affirmations: Why positive affirmation? where your mouth goes your life follows too.
Here are some examples:
  • New clients and customers come to me easily and effortlessly.
  • My business is growing every day.
  • I am a leader and I am called upon to lead.
  • am making progress by the day
  • am moving foward and upward
  • I can not fail, i was made for the best life
  • I have a wonderful business, i give a wonderful service, and i have a wonderful pay.
  • all things are mine, am above only.

5:  Regular Vacations
Any life of achievement involves stress, and the best way to combat stress is a holiday to look forward to and then enjoying a well-earned rest.  If you don’t have a lot of money, then organise to stay at a friend or relatives house.  A break will refresh and rejuvenate you.

Having a positive attitude and being focussed and passionate about your business will help you succeed and enjoy being a business owner.  Use these techniques for self-motivation, because your attitude determines how far you’ll go.
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