May 10, 2013

Live Traffic Feed Solution FAQ

FEEDJIT did not guess my location correctly. Can I fix this?

Yes! Visit this page to change your location.

What is the "My-City's Blogosphere" link at the top of my widget?

It is a shortcut that gives you an easy way to access the Geoblogosphere for your city. A visitor to your blog would see the link for their city. So if someone from London visits your blog, they would see a link that says "London's Blogosphere".

What does the live traffic feed do?

Feedjit's live traffic feed shows statistics on your website in real-time. It shows:
  • Which city and country your visitors are in
  • Which website they arrived from, if any*
  • Which page they visited on your website*
  • Which external link they clicked to leave your site, if any*
*Only the Javascript Live Traffic Feed can show you the referring website, which page a user landed on and which link they clicked to leave. The Image Live Traffic Feed (or Run-Anywhere Widget) does show you the landing page, but only on Feedjit Live which you can access by clicking the widget.

I use an IP address instead of a domain name for my website. Will Feedjit work on my site?

If your website url uses an IP address like this: (or another IP address), then Feedjit will not work for you. You must use a domain name like: for Feedjit to work correctly on your website and you must have your own domain or sub-domain.

How frequently is the data updated?

Feedjit widgets are updated in real-time. Your traffic feed is updated as each visitor arrives on your site. The update occurs before the widget loads which means that each of your visitors can see their own location displayed.

What about the privacy of my visitors?

We don't show any personally identifiable information. However, if your visitors don't want their future visits displayed, they can click "options" on the widget and select "Ignore my browser".

Your website visitor's geographic location is shown at the city level. We don't show actual addresses. All information we display is public data sent by your visitor's browsers and appears in website logs across the Web.

In my FEEDJIT Live feed I'm seeing a lot of single word searches coming from Microsoft's Live Search. What's up with that?

Thanks to Inland Echo for reporting this. Microsoft's web crawler plays a little trick on websites by telling them that it came from a Live Search results page. So you'll see URLs like appearing in your logs. Obviously their web crawler didn't come from that page and we don't know why it behaves this way. We may add a feature to FEEDJIT Live that tells you it's Microsoft. But for now, the data reported is technically correct. A visitor (a web crawler in this case) did arrive on your page and did tell your page that it came from the URL shown. Usually these results are shown as using Internet Explorer 6 with an unknown operating system.

Do you protect me from referrer spam?

Yes. If a browser sends Feedjit a fake referrer to try and appear multiple times on your (and other) websites, then we will ban it from appearing on all Feedjit widgets.

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